Cagan Sekercioglu and Tanya Williams (School of Biological Sciences)

Cagan Sekercioglus & Williams

My wife Tanya Williams and I are happy to be able to provide a legacy gift to the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Utah. We moved to Utah in 2010 to establish my Biodiversity and Conservation Ecology laboratory. I am thankful for the research, teaching, and service opportunities provided to me by the University of Utah’s School of Biological Sciences, and Tanya is grateful to be able to serve her patients at the U’s School of Medicine.

Our work has benefited greatly from the generosity, resources, and collegiality provided by the U, its faculty, alumni, and other benefactors. This support has enabled me to study, conserve, and teach about the world's endangered biodiversity and helped Tanya provide health care to some of the underserved populations in this beautiful state.

We hope to “pay it forward” by providing a modest legacy gift for SBS. Legacy gifts of this kind will help SBS continue to attract and support the best Ph.D. students in biodiversity research, conservation biology, environmental science, ornithology, and wildlife ecology during this time of rapid and devastating global change that requires all hands on deck.

We hope you will join us in making a legacy gift to the School of Biological Sciences.

—Cagan ?ekercio?lu


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