Barbara Stubblefield (Bennion Center)

Bennion Center legacy gift donor Barbara Stubblefield continues to have a positive impact on the community and U students, long after her passing in 2002. Her substantial gift created the Barbara Stubblefield Endowment. Each year, this fund provides scholarships to several student leaders living in the Bennion Center’s Service House.

Barbara’s entire life was dedicated to advancing human welfare. She was a brilliant example of civic engagement and advocacy through her work on the National Labor Relations Board and the California Nurses Association, where she campaigned for higher wages and improved working conditions. She pioneered workforce equity as the Utah State Affirmative Action Coordinator under Governor Scott M. Matheson and devoted a tremendous amount of her time and intellectual tenacity to numerous political committees and caucuses, where she championed the rights of those who were not often represented in the halls of power.

Many Bennion Center students are like Barbara and aspire to lead lives of impact and service. Her forethought has helped pave the way for approximately 70 students (so far!) to follow their passions for community engagement while completing their degrees at the U. In addition, the Barbara Stubblefield Endowment supports the Bennion Center’s broader Equity in Access Initiative, which focuses on building bridges and creating opportunities for all students regardless of background and financial status. The legacy of greater access to immersive community engagement experiences through the Service House is one of which Barbara surely would have been proud.


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