Shannon Price (College of Social Work)

Photo of Shannon Price
Shannon Price

Shannon Price, a 2008 master's degree recipient in social work from the University of Utah, believes in social workers: the impact their work has on people's lives, the value they provide for the broader community, and the passion they bring to their profession.

Realizing the impact that social work can have, Shannon has committed a portion of her estate to the College of Social Work at the University of Utah for an endowed student award.

And because Shannon is not actually donating any of the money from her estate until after her lifetime, she isn't putting any pressure on her current financial situation. For Shannon, though, the gift awarded from her estate—called a legacy gift—is more about how it will influence other students' lives.

"This legacy gift ensures that someone else will realize the positive potential of their impact and continue that work," she says.

It Doesn't Take a Lot to Influence a Person's Life Forever
Each year the "Energia Animi Award" will recognize a non-traditional student for the passion she or he brings to their chosen career.

"The 'energia' is your energy and your passion. The 'animi' is the spiritual, reasoning part of the soul," Shannon says. "Once you've engaged your soul into your conviction and allow things to take their course, they take on energy. That energy becomes like the stone thrown in the water. It creates a wake that will move out from its epicenter, impacting everything."

Shannon is interested in acknowledging and rewarding the soul energy that so many social workers bring to the profession, in part, because as a social work student she was a recipient of the college's Sharon Goodwill Award.

"The award was totally unexpected," she says. "When I received it, it was like someone said to me: ‘We have paid attention to you. You've done well and we believe that you will continue to do some good things.' I want to let others know what they are doing is noticed. I want to give them a little motivation to continue to make an impact."


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